Other outsourcing firms will promise you the world in terms of cost-effectiveness, larger revenues and savings, and better productivity, but fail to do so eventually because of the slowness of their implementation process. Since they are not equipped with the right people and the right equipment to build the team of professionals you need, they take several months to operate, and even when they operate, it takes more time for them to get in synch with the business plan you have in mind. The result? Instead of saving more money, you end up losing your investment on an outsourced project that is barely working or not working at all.

Our BPO Implementation Services are completely different because we are keenly aware of the importance of speed when it comes to outsourcing. We know that customers are waiting to be served and sales are in queue to be closed, so we get our operations working as soon as possible without sacrificing the soundness of the plan.

To better illustrate how we succeed in combining speed of implementation and attention to detail, here is a quick overview of our BPO approach:

Stage 1: Project Start-up

In this stage, which kicks off after signing all agreements, we quickly identify the members of both our teams. Schedules for meetings are then set, as well as channels for communication, so we can contact each other whenever necessary. We will also lay down the procedures in administering the project, so that they are clear and agreeable to both of us.

Stage 2: Exploration

In this phase, we will discover the resources available to both our companies to launch a particular BPO service as soon as possible. Among those that will have to be identified are your customer support mechanisms, if you have any, the full scope of your BPO requirements, your customers and competitors, and the channels we can use to communicate with your targeted people. Protocols may include inbound and outbound communication, VOIP and telephony among others.

Stage 3: Testing and Training

To ensure that all systems are secure and workable, we will implement communication channels for the first time, such as e-mail, telephony, Web, voicemail and fax. Connectivity will be tested, as well as remote takeover devices. Depending on your instructions, we are also capable of training staff for your specific requirements. Regardless of their training though, you are assured that we will only hire the most highly trained and experienced people for your BPO project.

Stage 4: Live Operation

Using our highly skilled manpower and the various tools and equipment at our disposal, we will go live on the operations floor. Our professional managers and supervisors will see to it that each employee is fully immersed in his task and that the entire team is responding dynamically with changes in the contact queue or spikes in the volume of other processes. Throughout this phase, we will gather accurate production metrics, so we can review it later to assess the effectiveness of the program.

Stage 5: Metrics

In this final stage, we measure all the necessary statistics to evaluate our performance. You can then review it and decide what courses of action to take. If we find avenues for improvement, we will pursue them and apply them on our next production cycle or as soon as all the adjustments have been made. This ensures that our BPO implementation services are completely dynamic and adaptable to changing requirements.

We facilitate the implementation of these stages as swiftly as possible, so you can start earning your investment back. Thus, we are able to provide you with a real cost-effective package that addresses all your needs. Come and talk to us today, so we can initiate the first stage of your BPO plan.