To address the needs of your growing list of customers, you need more than just call center agents busily working the phone lines – you need a powerful and dynamic voice broadcasting system that cuts the work load in half and drastically reduces the costs of your operations. You don’t need to look far to avail of such a system. The best place to avail of the finest voice broadcasting service in the industry is right here – with us.

Voice broadcasting empowers your sales and marketing team to send massive volumes of interactive telephone calls instantly while managing all activites from the comfort of the Web. Through this high tech automated system, you can send messages, product or service updates, surveys, alerts, polls, notifications, verifications and reminders without utilizing the full force of your manpower.

The Cost-Effective and Powerful Way to Reach Customers

Voice broadcasting devices and applications can be customized to target live leads, answering machines, faxes or a combination of these. It’s also easy to run effective campaigns via call volumes, sound prompts and other related techniques. Because of all these advantages, voice broadcasting systems have become an essential tool for any business who wants to easily reach their intended customers and prospects.

Through the intelligent automation of a part of your sales and marketing campaign, you are free to work on other tasks that could further develop and strengthen your business. You can also save on human resources since you don’t have too hire as many people to contact each customer individually. With a good voice broadcasting system, one push of a button is all you need to get your message across to thousands of potential customers.

The Easiest Solution to Your Marketing and Sales Needs

Our outbound call center services can propel you to the top of the pack through the help of our flexible voice broadcasting system. Our call center services are scalable to your profile and requirements, so your size is never an issue when working with us. No matter how big or small your organization is, we can enable you to operate multiple campaigns simultaneously, as well as manage several virtual call centers, maximizing your time and resources.

After uploading the list of your contacts into our voice broadcasting system, we can start to generate huge volumes of calls to your target customers, prospects and clients. You have the option of sending us your own messages for broadcast or using our expert personnel to produce striking personal messages for you.

Here are just a few of the services our superior voice broadcasting service makes possible:

  • Management of marketing & sales campaigns
  • Internet-based automated dialing
  • Simultaneous sending of multiple phone calls
  • Accurate tracking, records, statistics and analyses
  • High-volume lead generation
  • Phone surveys
  • Customer support and follow-up calls
  • Non-intrusive notifications

Don’t let your company grapple with rising overhead costs and dropping customer retention rates. Contact us and we’ll explain to you how profitable telemarketing can be done while saving your investment for future expansion and differentiation.