Our real-time confirmed appointment setting service ensures that every call you receive is an excellent opportunity to earn revenue. Since we are an adroit observer of the most recent developments in the telemarketing industry, we know exactly why other firms utterly fail in providing profitable appointment settings. We have figured out ways to break these obstacles, so you can fast-track your sales like never before.

Allow us to show you how our appointment setting service stands out from the rest:

Confirmed appointment setting

Never has effective telemarketing been about the quantity of calls and appointments than the quality. Instead of giving you a hundred appointments that will just drain your time and resources, we will give you a narrowed-down, strictly filtered set of appointments that can help your business grow in the most diverse ways. Since all the appointments we set are confirmed, every lift of the handset is an opportunity for you to profit and develop your business.

Precise appointments

A successful business transaction can only transpire between two parties: one who demands and the other who gives and profits. With this in mind, our highly-skilled team is able to precisely set appointments at every level without confusing which person should talk to the other. Whether it’s a C, VP, or Board level appointment, our highly skilled and experienced staff can handle the appointment in the best possible manner.

Collaborative spirit

There’s nothing else we value higher than your knowledge of your own business. For this reason, we lay out and execute the most collaborative strategies with you, so our ways and purposes are smoothly synchronized. We will listen to you every step of the way and incorporate your ideas to make every appointment a productive one.

Qualified real-time appointments

The last thing we want to do is provide you with appointments that have gone cold because of too much delay or inactivity. Our professional principles ensure that you will only have to deal with qualified, live, real-time appointments that won’t waste any of your time or money. We guarantee that waiting at the other end of the line are people who have profitable business deals to offer.

Customized, Industry-specific appointment setters

We realize that every industry is different from another and every business is unique, which is why our experienced appointment setters are ready to serve your appointment needs whatever your field is. They will speak the specific language required to etch your brand in the minds of consumers, enriching your customer pool in the process. Our calls are also strategically refined to give you the marketing and sales edge whenever you attend to every appointment.

All in all, our knowledge, tools and equipment are specially honed to harness the most revenue-generating appointments possible. Our stellar track record is proof that we always meet clients’ expectations and exceed them. If noticeable, measurable and profitable results are what you want, we are the perfect partner for you.