We are ahead of our competition in the field of healthcare outsourcing because we are deeply aware of how sensitive the industry is. When it comes to health care, we know we are not only dealing with targets such as fast turn-around times and increased productivity – we are dealing with people’s lives and the integrity of the health institutions protecting these lives. For these reason, we only hire the most highly educated and well-experienced staff who have a significant amount of knowledge about the industry. These people make up the world-class team that takes care of our outsourced healthcare services.

Superior Health Care Services

You may not know it, but whether you’re a large health institution, a team of health professionals, or just a single physician, you can have enormous advantages when you work with a leading outsourcing firm like us. Our intensively trained people and high-tech infrastructure and equipment can significantly optimize your work flow, so you can do your job more efficiently while cutting back on your costs and increasing revenue.

Take a minute to review some of the benefits of our advanced outsourced healthcare services.

Scalable Medical Transcription Solutions

Cost-effectiveness begins with customizing a unique medical transcription package for you. What are your exact needs? How do you prefer to communicate with us? How many people do you want? We will answer questions such as these in the course of consultation so we could devise a medical transcription solution that is both low-cost and workable. We promise that we won’t stop until we come up with a package that empowers you on all levels.

Highly Competent Medical Transcriptionists

Lesser outsourcing firms would typically pull out just anybody who can transcribe to fill their medical transcription positions. That is not how we operate. In fact, this practice is entirely against the golden standards we uphold and our commitment to render only impeccable outsourcing services to our clients.

In light of this, we are proud to tell you that all our transcriptionists and agents in the field of healthcare are only hired from respected educational institutions. Our strictly filtered recruitment system ensures that we only have professionals such as certified medical transcriptionists (CMTs), registered health information technicians (RHITs), medical transcription instructors, and other highly experienced and knowledgeable staff on the operations floor. This way, the risk of costly errors in transcripts is drastically reduced and the integrity of your organization is constantly upheld.

Multiple Channels for Dictation

Another strength of our health care services is our unique flexibility. We will not force you to use a dictation channel you are not comfortable with. Through discussion, we will come up with several options for how you can communicate with us and dictate to your staff. Channels such as phone, Web, and digital recorder among others will all be considered for your specific medical transcription solution. Simply tell us what you are capable of and we will do our very best to make it the most efficient and effective channel of communication for our project.

Real-time Data on Your Desktop

Increasing your productivity and profit has never been this easy with our 24/7 medical transcription team working on your files. Our people will supply you with the information your require in real time, so accurate histories, discharges and reports will reach your desktop in the shortest possible time frame. Regardless of how hectic your schedule is, we have the capability to support you all the way and even process data for you while you sleep.

Other Healthcare Services

Do you plan to outsource other services aside from medical transcription? Tell us and we will present you with our complete line of outsourcing solutions that can address your every need. Our ability to bring the best people onboard and use the most current technologies in the market ensures that we have a solution for you regardless of the nature of your outsourcing requirement.

Remember: do not settle for lesser firms when it comes to your outsourcing health care needs because your image, clients and money are on the line. Contact us today to get a more complete account of our secure and risk-free healthcare services.