Almost any kind of industry can substantially benefit from having call center operations for business processes such as customer service, telemarketing and IT support among many others. We can hire people who have the skills suited for the specific nature of your industry and business and we can back them up with cutting-edge technology that will put you ahead of the competition in terms of productivity and quality of products and services.

Here are just a small sample of the different industries we serve and a brief description on how we reduce costs, increase revenues and savings, and optimize work flow through smart call center operations and other outsourced tasks.


Work with us to devise practical lending programs that will shape future leaders of the world and fortify the integrity of your organization. We can work with universities, colleges, lenders, guarantee agencies and other educational organizations to come up with the best solution for you. Our call center agents have attained a high level of expertise in understanding, empathizing and dealing professionally with students and other people, so they can deliver meaningful customer service experiences that ultimately reflect back on you positively.

Financial Services

Your financial assets are secure with our comprehensive accounting, billing and other financial services. Our smart solutions ensure that each call, invoice or any other activity is itemized, so we can accurately measure metrics later. Our financial services include accounts payable, accounts receivable, purchasing, order and sales processing and customer invoicing among many others.


One of the most in-demand services today in the healthcare industry is medical transcription and we have the most brilliant professionals who can provide you with this service. Our medical transcription solutions are scalable and customizable to your needs, so budget is not an issue nor the medium of communication. Tell us what you are capable of using for your dictation and we will work out a plan to meet your goals.

Health & Nutrition

Are you involved in marketing, selling or distributing herbal weight loss products, herbal beauty and skin care products and other products related to health and nutrition? Then our call center agents who are experts in cross-selling and upselling can maximize your sales and marketing campaigns. Our people are experts in lead generation, so we can find the people who urgently need your products and services.


Our rich network allows you access to a wide variety of solutions in the field of insurance. For instance, we can perfectly manage open enrollment for health insurance, for example. We can also provide support for retirement programs. Deploying information to your targeted customers and marketing your services to these people has never been easier with our expertise at your disposal.


Outsourcing’s role on the success of businesses in the retail industry has grown more and more prominent over the years. In 2009, outsourcing contracts in the retail market rose to 40% from the previous year. We can help you achieve the same success if you outsource your IT, procurement, human resources, administration and finance processes to our highly skilled staff. Retail businesses that have done the same have raked in 30% savings.


Are you running a telecommunications business? If you are, then you probably have observed the rapidly rising number of errors in invoices that are costing your company a lot of money. This usually happens if you insist on operating an expensive in-house telecommunications team while loading them with other tasks that are unrelated to their core competency. When you transfer your call center tasks to us, you can free up your load and boost your productivity more profit.

Travel Services

The travel industry is another one who can benefit tremendously from outsourcing their business processes to us. Our solutions can serve vital segments such as airlines, cruise lines, travel agents, railways, tour operators, car rentals, gaming and hotels among others.

Other Industries

Manufacturing, energy, banking, legal, Web development – you name your industry and nature of business, and we will come up with a solution that will free up your load and drastically cut back your costs. If you provide small business opportunities and franchises, we can also help you maximize your sales and increase your bottom line.

This is not an exhaustive list of all the industries we are currently serving and are prepared to serve. Simply tell us what you need and leave it to us to think of a solution that works. Contact us today.