A cost-effective, revenue-generating and productive call center never relies solely on its manpower – no matter how skilled it is – to answer the large volume of calls that has to be processed every day. Many of these calls have to be filtered in order to fast-track their processing and resolution. If you’re looking for a company who can combine advanced automated call center technology with superb manpower, you have come to the perfect place.

Our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system will allow your customers to get the information they want as soon as possible without confusion. They will be able to access our team of intensively trained call center agents using the keypad or speech-recognition features on their phone devices. Through systematically arranged pre-recorded audio, our IVR will accurately respond to your customers needs, guiding them along the way to the best option that resolves their inquiry or concern. Thus, their needs are quickly filtered, drastically reducing resolution time and allowing for a higher volume of calls to be processed.

Essential Inbound and Outbound Call Center Tool

A call center without an advanced and effective IVR system is simply not enough to serve your needs. When you outsource your telemarketing requirements to a firm that multiplies your customer service capabilities, call volumes will necessarily spike in sometimes unforeseen trends. Without an IVR system, call center agents will grapple with the enormous volume of calls, resulting in customer dissatisfaction and failed opportunities to convert customer interactions into revenue. With the help of an IVR system, agents will know exactly what each customer wants to avail of, thus facilitating quicker response procedures that build customer satisfaction and trust.

IVR can also be used for outbound calls. Its intelligent technology and software allow it to recognize various line conditions, such as Ring No Answer (RNA), voice mail, fax tone, abandon call and divert messages, and live people on the other end. The device then reports the corresponding line condition to the database, which the agent is able to read in real-time. Bottom line: IVR is not only useful in processing customer inquiries but also in acquiring customers. It is an automated system that complements skilled manpower and boosts your productivity multiple times.

IVR: Breaking Your Limits

Unless you’re a really large company that can spend so much for operating an in-house contact center, spending on contact center operations is usually a drain in resources. Instead of investments going into product or service development and other core areas of your business, they go into maintaining your contact center operations that continuously grows because of rising call volumes.

You can go through this trouble of stuttered growth or you can work with us to break your production limits. We will not only propel your sales and marketing forces forward; we will also help you focus on other more important areas of your business and create huge savings. According to statistics, outsourcing can reduce your operational expenses by an astounding 30%!

For these reasons, it is clear that working with a trustworthy call center firm equipped with IVR technology is a must for any growing business. If you want to know more about our customizable and scalable IVR solutions for your customer service operations, contact us and we’ll show you how.