Everyday, the cost of maintaining your in-house customer service team grows as more and more customers put their phones down dissatisfied with how your company handled their queries and other transactions. This kind of problem typically arises from the inability of a small, expensive in-house customer service team to process a growing number of customers who prefer personalized interactions that directly address their needs. Unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible to give your targeted customers what they want when you have to funnel your investment into other areas of your business, such as product or service development.

There is a solution to this, of course; a solution that’s currently being employed by some of the most successful businesses around the world. That solution is none other than outsourced inbound call center services, which we are glad to offer you today.

What are the advantages of Outsourced Inbound Call Center Services?

Outsourced inbound call center services work much the same way as an in-house customer service team, except that they cost much less and the people you hire are better supervised and managed. Think of it this way: with the same amount of money you spend on an in-house team, you can hire triple the number of those people or more. Moreover, unlike an in-house team, an outsourced team is closely monitored and managed by professionals who are experts in this field. With better management and larger manpower come more productivity, which in turn translates into a larger revenue stream and more savings.

Here in our firm, we make sure that we only provide our clients with the most cost-effective inbound call center solutions, so their businesses can grow without putting their bottom lines in danger. We also have a strictly filtered recruitment process that supplies us with the most intensively trained and well-experienced professionals in the telemarketing field.

Here are just a few of the specific inbound call center services we’re offering you:


Order-taking is not as simple as it sounds. In order for your customers to be 100% satisfied with your service, you should provide them with unique experiences every time they contact you. Our highly skilled call center agents are especially adept at this, and they will make sure that all your customers will have meaningful interactions that will ultimately create customer loyalty.

Cross-selling and Upselling

Crucial in any inbound call center service is the ability of an agent to cross-sell or upsell. Since all our agents are equipped with world-class skills, you can expect them to actively cross-sell and upsell your products and services without turning away customers because of inappropriate aggressiveness.

Helpdesk Solutions

We have the most advanced equipment and software that can store and deploy information to your customers in the most convenient manner. Aside from call center representatives, our team is also made up of brilliant IT and Web development professionals who can easily provide your customers with accurate tech support on a broad variety of issues. Furthermore, if you are from a completely different industry and you still need to outsource your helpdesk requirements, we are fully capable of hiring the right people to man your team.


The success of any marketing campaign relies on scientifically formulated surveys that gather all the necessary info from targeted customers. As your customers call us to transact business, we can use such surveys to get their feedback on your products or services, or what they think of a course of action you have in the works. With this data in our hands, we can help you draw well-informed business strategies that are low in risks and high in rewards.

Take note that all these solutions are scalable to your needs, so budget is never an issue. Whether you’re a startup, a medium-sized or a multinational company, we have a workable inbound call center plan for you. Come and contact us today for more information on our comprehensive inbound call center services that other firms simply cannot match.