The diversity and flexibility of our outsourcing services are evidenced by our willingness to take on all the challenges of a premiere contact center. We do not shirk from servicing the most technical and specialized industries because we have the power to recruit and filter the best people for our clients. In light of this, we are proud of our advanced medical transcription services that companies and professionals from the health care industry can avail of to their advantage.

Here are some of the characteristics of our world-class medical transcription services that allow us to pull ahead of our competitors.

Accuracy Over Mere Quantity

We are deeply aware of the problems that could result from the poor generation of medical transcripts. Lesser firms are guilty of this unsatisfactory and costly service either because they don’t have the capability to hire the right people or because they focus too much on quantity, which often results in carelessness. To avoid mistakes, we only equip our highly experienced people with the most advanced tools and equipment to protect the integrity of our client’s accounts. We believe that the more accurate medical transcripts are, the less resources will be wasted on correction, and the more effectively you can do your job or run your business.

Professional Medical Transcriptionists

We will never risk the integrity of your name by hiring people who are not sufficiently skilled in the field of health care. Since you come from the medical industry, all your agents under our supervision will also be from the medical industry or have a deep and thorough understanding of it. Thus, our strictly filtered recruitment system only hires medical transcriptionists (CMTs), medical transcription instructors, registered heath information technicians (RHITs), and other highly specialized professionals who know your language.

Multi-channel Dictation Services

True to our commitment to provide our clients with the most diverse line of options to address their needs, we are offering you accurate and flexible dictation services over various media such as phone, digital recorder and Web-based technologies among others. All you need to do is talk to us about what you are capable of using and we will work out a customized, scaled plan that exactly fulfills your requirements.

Real-Time Solutions

Our expert operations management system makes it possible to generate transcripts in real-time, so you can have access to crucial information such as your reports, histories and discharges as quick as possible. Regardless of the challenges of your schedule, we can come up with a workable solution that involves cost-effective, revenue-generating measures.

Whether you are a large company, a team of physicians or a single doctor, our customizable and scalable medical transcription services are ready to address your needs. Contact us today, so we can begin to synchronize our ideas and strategies for your development and profit.