Leap ahead of the competition with our high-volume order taking and processing service fully customizable to the needs and profile of your business. We will empower you to increase your business hours and boost your sales volume while restricting the size of your staff. Through such cost-effective differentiation, you will meet higher productivity targets while saving a significant amount of resources and profit.

Take a closer look at our high-yield package aimed at pumping steady growth into your company. Based on your requirements, we can provide you with the following services and more:

Fully Customized Order Entry Forms

If you utilize the Web to sell your products and services, we can maximize the effectiveness of your campaign by taking orders directly from your Web forms. Our expert sales agents will work in real time to promptly take and process such orders and connect with the people on your end as necessary. On the other hand, if you don’t have a working online order entry system yet, we can customize and design one that would perfectly match your business. We will work with our hands-on IT experts, so all orders will be processed while you work on other sales tasks.

Advanced Automated Order Entry Technology

Our people are not the only ones ahead of the curve when it comes to high-volume order taking and processing. We have also developed technologies to effectively automate your order taking needs, so you won’t have to increase the size of your staff. The result: more orders processed and closed at a shorter period of time requiring the least amount of resources and investment. Take advantage of our advanced voice-response technology to fast-track phone orders.

Expert Credit Card Solutions

Processing of credit cards is one of the most sensitive areas of order taking and we know that by heart. Our highly skilled and experienced staff can appropriately process your customers’ credit cards and transfer funds directly into a secure bank account number of your choice. Thus, we can provide you with a consistent stream of cash flow while freeing up your workload.

Rigorously Planned Order Processing

Working with us means having every little detail of your sales meticulously planned out and effectively executed. We will collaborate with you to figure out how the warehousing, processing and delivery of your products and services can work out in the most efficient and revenue-generating manner. All strategies agreed upon will then be incorporated in our operations procedures, so you never have to worry about satisfying your customers ever again.

Multilingual Support

Geographic and cultural challenges do not hinder us from delivering the best order taking and processing solutions in the industry. Tell us where you want to carve a niche and we will deploy the best multilingual agents to collect orders for you, strengthening your brand recognition in the process.

You will never have to be trapped inside your limitations again when you choose us as your offshore partner. Come and contact us, so we can show you how to drastically increase your order volume while saving money for future investments.