Our clients treasure our business relationship with them because we see to it that all their transcription and dictation needs are handled carefully and finished on the dot. They depend on us and our unmatched ability to manage large amounts of health information that are crucial to their businesses. Moreover, they have come to appreciate our passion for discovering and executing innovative technologies that free up their workload while boosting their productivity.

Precise, Cost-Effective Solutions

Medical transcription to us is not only about quantity, but quality. We fully understand the complications that could arise from careless transcript production and unskilled dictation. For this reason, we have equipped all our medical transcriptionists with the most effective tools and knowledge to create highly accurate transcripts that protect the integrity of our clients’ businesses. All this is done with a deep commitment to saving you from unnecessary costs.

Allow us to tell you why we are reaching new horizons in the medical outsourcing industry.

Highly Educated and Experienced Medical Transcriptionists

Our dedication to the accuracy of your medical records begins with our rigorous search for the best people to work in our team. We are proud to tell you that all our transcriptionists are recruited from the most esteemed educational institutions in the industry. We passionately filter certified medical transcriptionists (CMTs), medical transcription instructors, registered health information technicians (RHITs), and other medical professionals with a high degree of specialization and knowledge about the subject matter.

Customizable Transcription Packages

There is absolutely no reason to think that outsourced medical transcription is a costly and risky operation. In fact, compared to processing the brunt work yourself, outsourced medical transcription is the far more cost-effective alternative. Whether you’re a large health care institution, a group of physicians, or a single doctor, we are completely capable of drafting a customized transcription package that perfectly addresses your needs. In addition, our comprehensive administrative support covers all of your requirements such as mailing, copy and printing services.

Diverse Dictation Options

Flexibility is one value that we incorporate in everything we do. Depending on your capabilities, we can offer accurate dictation services that make use of phone, digital recorder and other Web-based technologies. Tell us what you are comfortable with and we will align our strategies to match your preferences. Furthermore, you need not worry about IT issues because we will effectively handle them while you work on the more essential areas of your business.

Fast Turnaround Time

Our expert transcriptionists will be working on the floor and supplying all the information you need in real time, so you can receive your accurate reports, histories and discharges in the shortest possible timeframe. No matter how challenging your schedule is, we can come up with a solution that will make your work so much easier.

Finally, what sets us apart is our unbridled commitment to your investment and the strength of your brand. This way, you can generate more revenue and save more resources while getting more work done in the most efficient manner. Generating accurate transcripts should never hinder your growth. Let us show you how it can be done.