MANILA, Philippines – 15 Oct 2010 – GlobalServicesBPO, one of the emerging trailblazers in outsourcing, announced that they are expanding their services to health and nutrition industries in the United States. Of particular note is the sector involved in distributing and/or manufacturing alternative health and wellness products, such as herbal supplements and cosmetics.

GlobalServicesBPO strategy is to tap the US health and nutrition industry, which they believe have immense potential to grow using the company’s expertise in the telemarketing business, as well as their highly skilled work force and advanced contact center equipment. Taken as a whole, the weight loss supplement industry is enormous, with consumers spending millions each year for products that help them improve their health and enhance their appearance. GlobalServicesBPO is currently provide key services to the industry optimizing US health and nutrition businesses operations with outsource solutions and will continue to expand such services..

The US economy is tailor-made for health and nutrition industries. About 64% of the US population is overweight, with obesity accounting for some 325,000 deaths every year. Even teenagers and children are not spared from these shocking numbers since 1/4th of their overall population is also obese. Indeed, the numbers are calling for various medical intervention schemes to aid people in living healthier lives.

Clearly, modern synthetic medicines are not able to address the problem on their own. As a result, more and more people in the US and in other parts of the world are turning to sound alternative medicines to treat their illnesses. A growing portion of the US population is finding the answer to their plight in the form of herbal weight loss products and cosmetics, some coming from ancient traditions such as Ayurveda in India.

“Health and nutrition industry is set for explosive growth over the next 10 years, and we’re strategically positioned to take on this industry,” states Richard Causing, GlobalServicesBPO’s VP of Operations. “Many of these business have no choice but to place much of their repetitive operations offshore and we are ready to help them.”

Stressing their role again as an innovative outsourcing company, GlobalServicesBPO has stepped up to the challenge of addressing the growing demand in the country. The firm said they will bring their marketing and sales knowhow to the fore of these new efforts. Their comprehensive and scalable outsourcing services will also help leverage health and nutrition firms in the US.

GlobalServicesBPO expects that with their entry in the field, more of these health and wellness companies will be able to increase their revenues and savings while cutting back on their costs. More importantly, a larger number of Americans should be able to avail of useful alternative drugs, supplements and other products to improve their health and quality of life.

About The Company

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