Manila, Philippines – 05 Nov 2010 – GlobalServicesBPO, one of the outsourcing firms spearheading the development of new BPO systems and technologies, announced that it has set its new 2011 technology initiative to achieve triple-digit growth. The initiative involves the development of a CRM platform that will allow the company to leverage and scale businesses via external call centers equipped with cutting-edge CRM systems.

GlobalServicesBPO intends to apply a holistic approach to providing effective CRM solutions to its clients. Several key areas have to be addressed, foremost of which is technology. The company plans to deploy a number of new technologies that will further reduce the cost of outsourced CRM and promote overall efficiency in the work force.

Key cost centers will systematically addressed by GlobalServicesBPO’s new holistic CRM plan include the work force’s ability to adapt to changing programs, turnover rates, communication and employee morale. Studies have found that these factors contribute to the inefficiency of CRM providers, which is why GlobalServicesBPO is gearing up to solve these once and for all.

According to the company, they will be deploying the most advanced CRM technologies to enhance various levels of their external call centers. These technologies will be used to improve training, streamline processes, elevate communication quality and increase the effectiveness of reporting. Active and participative coaching and feedback will also be aided by advanced software and hardware to leverage the entire call center operation.

“Given the overwhelming anti-business climate promulgating within the US, we see an huge opportunity to serve businesses who must move customer support and sales farming services outside the country,” says Katherine Ababa, CEO. “Leveraging state-of-the-art CRM technology to manage external call centers allows us unlimited scalability.”

Through this holistic approach backed by rigorous research, GlobalServicesBPO hopes to vastly improve customer care, which will pave the way for the triple-digit growth they are targeting. With hard field data backing up their plans, GlobalServicesBPO aims to achieve a similar picture of success in the implementation of their 2011 plans.

Ultimately, clients will be the ones who will benefit from this fresh commitment to enhancing the quality of CRM technologies and systems. Other BPO firms may also pick up some new insights and adopt novel perspectives on how CRM is done through these planned efforts.

About The Company

GlobalspanBPO is a full service Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company providing a broad range advanced BPO solutions powered by our highly skilled manpower, cutting-edge technology and reliable infrastructure engineered to reduce our client’s costs and risks, increased savings and revenues and optimized work flow. We help our clients to scale their businesses, conquer their niches and diversify with more success.